Why My-Results?

  • Detailed soil pathology testing through independent soil laboratories for soil and water chemistry, pest and disease incidence.
  • A secure and convenient database to store, analyse and mobilise soil, water, disease and nematode test results.
  • A platform to exchange information with qualified turf agronomists.
  • Flexibility to review historic information and calendars for disease pressure in planning and budgeting works.

Turf Pathology System

The online format allows your staff easy access to soil results no matter where they are, 24/7, as well as providing direct access to an agronomist for extra advice on interpreting your results. Membership to My-Results® also brings a 12 month complimentary voucher for one alert across three common turf diseases: pythium, dollar spot and brown patch.

My-Results® is a proactive tool that has been developed to save you time and provide confidence in making decisions for your turf while conveniently storing all testing data in a secure online database. The use of electronic archiving helps to assist in reviewing cultural practices for their impact on soil chemistry and health.

Test With My-Results Today?

  • Order a soil or water test through a licensed My-Results® provider
  • Have your My-Results® provider sample for plant disease or soil nematodes
  • Subscribe to My-Climate® Disease Alert Package


  • Soil Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Disease Analysis
  • Nematodes


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